How To Make An Avocado and Kelp face and Hair mask

This nourishing avocado and Kelp mask is moisturising and detoxing. Avocado is rich in oils and fatty acids, making it moisturise dry skin on a cellular level. Seaweed also hydrates and softens the skin, so this combination is super food for the skin. You'll notice the difference, right away. What's great about this mask is you can use the left overs on the ends of your hair, it works wonders for split ends!

Although It's a little more messy than other face masks, it's super quick and easy to make. Just remember to discard of the thicker mushier bits in the compost before washing your face to avoid any sink blockages!

You will need 

- Half an Avacado

- One tablespoon of Kelp 

- A drop of essential Oil ( we recommend Lavender or Neroli)


1) Rehydrate One table spoon of Kelp powder by adding 10 tablespoons of luke warm water

2) Meanwhile Mash up a very ripe half of an avocado and mix in the kelp paste. This is where good cake mixing skills come in, just make sure that the avocado is thoroughly mixed and mushed.

3) You may need to add 3 - 5 tablespoons more of luke warm water to get the right consistency. So it's easily spreadable on the face.

4) You can add a drop or so of lavender essential oil, spread on the face and leave on for 20 mins. You can also use the remainder for the ends of your hair too!

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