ocean goodness

Our Seaweed is organic and sustainably hand harvested on the pristine shores of the Irish atlantic. The Seatox is completely natural, no nasties, just pure dried seaweed. Bursting with essential vitamins and minerals like Iron and magnesium and zinc, it’s a sure way to glowing skin and gorgeous hair. Seaweed is also a natural source of Iodine, (great for your metabolism)! This makes it perfect for fitness, work-outs and sports! Our wild atlantic Seaweed is the ultimate ocean goodness your body will be thanking you for, inside and out.


seatox products

Kelp powder and Fucus Serratus are both mineral rich super algaes of the sea, with a plethora of health and beauty benefits. Our Kelp Help powder & Selkie Smooth seaweed bath can simply be incorporated into your daily routine. Bring atlantic ocean straight to your bath tub and harmonise with nature as the natural gels moisturize, nourish and detox your body of harmful pollutants. The Kelp powder is a powerful superfood and can be absorbed easily by using it in your juices and smoothies. It’s natures way of complete nourishment in the modern world!