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Our Selkie Smooth bath was featured in Grazia Daily in three articles.  It was recommended as one of the top choices for paraben free, retinol enriched and achne easing products.

Below are the articles...

Lifestyle Blogger Lucy can't get enough our our  Kelp Help  powder.

Lifestyle Blogger Lucy can't get enough our our Kelp Help powder.


"Just a little bit obsessed with this @seatoxseaweed #kelp powder it's full of nutrients and has 4 X as much Iron as Broccoli 🌿πŸ’ͺ🏽🌿 #seaweed #benefits raw #vegan #boostsmetabolism"

"A new obsession of mine is this kelp powder from Seatox which is full of nutrients and has four x as much Iron in as broccoli. Its a supplement for every day radiance and wellbeing. Its amazing in smoothies, soups and I love it over my cereal. They also make a seaweed bath that makes your skin feel like silk as well as feeling like your in the ocean."

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"A completely new one to me, but I am a beach (and bath!) lover and I am not afraid of anything which comes from the sea (there is after all, a lot of it on our planet!). This sustainably harvested 100% organic Fucus Serratus seaweed is packed full of essential vitamins like Iodine and magnesium and even contains an incredible amount of retinol (otherwise known as Vitamin A, a wonderful enhancer for youthful and supple skin. By adding this to your bath, you're allowing all that natural goodness to detox and rejuvenate and all you've got to do is sit back and let your skin do the work, absorbing those powerful sea nutrients. How incredible is this?"

Key ingredients: Retinol (Vitamin A), Iodine and Magensium"

Organic beauty blogger Anna tries out our seaweed bath...

Organic beauty blogger Anna tries out our seaweed bath...


"Do you know that you can bring the wild ocean 🌊  to your own bathroom?! mmm no not for real BUT almost! @seatoxseaweed made it possible for me to feel like a mermaid tonight! All this by releasing the seaweed into my bath with all the ocean's nourishing vitamins and minerals. The powerful antioxidants in seaweed help remove harful toxins that our skin come into contact daily with. 😍🌊 I am loooooving my seatox! (PS if you wonder if it smells fishy,I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn't! "





" i was thrilled to receive @vertuebox Vitamin Sea today. I can't wait to try the products out. (In fact, I'm running a bath as I type and am going to use the @seatoxseaweed Wild seaweed Bath and @thesaltparlour salt and sulphur scrub) There are products I have not tried before. (most of them are completly new brands to me,which is what I like about a subscription box) Watch out for my full review once I've had time to road test everything. Thanks @vertuebox for sending them to me <3"