Fucus Serratus is bursting with essential vitamins and minerals like Iodine,magnesium and zinc, it’s no surprise that Aphrodite, goddess of love is said to have bathed in seaweed. This bath is 100% Fucus Serratus seaweed, which contains extraordinary amounts of retinol (otherwise knows as vitamin A), the secret to youthful and supple skin.

This Seaweed bath will detox, rejuvenate and achieve zen in your bathtub. Just a little bit of the Atlantic Ocean in your life and you will see the difference.

The Bath is 70-80 grams and can be reused a couple of times. To use, rehydrate the seaweed in a hot bath, squeezing the natural gels over your body face and hair. Then Soak for 20-40 mins and let your skin absorb the powerful nutrients of the sea.

It's truly amazing how noticeable softer,and fresher you feel after just one seaweed bath! We recommend having at least one seaweed bath a week for overall health, radiance and wellbeing.

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